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The Mad Hatter
The Hatters' Club is a not-for-profit group formed on May 6th, 1998, at a meeting of eight people at The Mad Hatter Hotel in London, UK. The Club's purpose is to enable a group of individuals to split the ownership and operating costs of a Internet server between them. Since then, we have acquired more members, and on December 15th, 1998, our server (Alice) went live. As of August 2000, we also have another server (Edith).

October 2010: We are inviting new members to join.

Why join us?

We offer the freedom to do what you want, when you want. 5-10 years ago it was Tomcat/Java stuff, now its things like Ruby-on-Rails, Mono, AOL Server and PostgreSQL. We are also a mini-community: we meet once a year for lunch, and have shared goals but different talents. Some of us design neat websites, others deal with the occasional inevitable attack on one of our hosted sites, still others operate Internet sevices that aren't about the web at all. Want to learn the real skills behind Linux server administration? Come join us and find out. The price is less than you think (around £10/month) and for that you get not 1 but 2 servers (one real, one virtual)

If you are interested in joining, fill out our enquiry form

(The enquiry form will contact our members's mailing list. You may also want to have a look at our Club Rules if you've not already done so).

Minutes of Meetings:

04/10/20 (Twenty-Second AGM)
06/10/19 (Twenty-First AGM)
07/10/18 (Twentieth AGM)
01/10/17 (Nineteenth AGM)
18/09/16 (Eighteenth AGM)
20/09/15 (Seventeenth AGM)
21/09/14 (Sixteenth AGM)
06/10/13 (Fifteenth AGM)
12/10/12 (Fourteenth AGM)
23/10/11 (Thirteeth AGM)
19/09/10 (Twelfth AGM)
18/10/09 (Eleventh AGM)
02/11/08 (Tenth AGM)
30/09/07 (Ninth AGM)
17/09/06 (Eighth AGM)
23/10/05 (Seventh AGM)
26/09/04 (Sixth AGM)
19/10/03 (Fifth AGM)
13/10/02 (Fourth AGM)
30/09/01 (Third AGM)
24/09/00 (Second AGM)
26/08/99 (First AGM)
10/10/98 ("Lift-Off" Meeting)

On this server:

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