Minutes of 17th AGM - Sunday 20th September 2015

Mad Hatter Hotel, Waterloo 2:00pm


Richard, David, Stuart, Steve, Jonathan


Andy (proxy vote given), Joanna (leaving!)

Minutes from Previous Meeting and Matters Arising


Agenda Items

1. Barclay's savings account

David said the the Barclay's savings account (current balance £2.47) hardly pays enough interest to warrant the hassle of keeping it. It's also currently locked due to getting the PIN wrong too many time. We decided to close it and keep all money in HSBC (which also pays some interest).

ACTION: David to close the account

2. SSL certificate

Tradeline.co.uk renews end of January 2016. We discussed whether we should use a Let's Encrypt instead of buying a commercial one.

ACTION: Stuart to investigate when Let's Encrypt go live in November. If it looks OK we can then use them instead and save some money.

3. Backups:

Stuart said he's been using Amazon Glacier which is very cheap. Should we use it for a Hatters' backup? We would have about 500GB incremental, which would be about £5 a month. After some discussion we decided instead to remind members their responsibility currently is to back up their own data, but email would be easier to do en masse. See also the discussion about Edith, which may produce more disk space for backups.

ACTION: JBB to initiate discussion on list.

4. Edith

Bytemark invoice us at the beginning of January with 30 days to pay. While we are within budget for now, is Edith good value? We could find a cheaper host for the level of usage we have (allowing for foreign currency charge fees). If we do want to change this year we'll have to come to a decision before the end of November.

ACTION: JBB to initiate discussion on the list for an alternative, to be decided by renewal in January.

5. Subscription

Assuming free SSL and various other costs projected, it was recommended to hold subscription to the same amount as last year to achieve a reserve fund on target for new hardware in five years time. We also noted that there may be various cost increases and/or savings over that time (Jump may be charging us for continuous power use, for example, as well as IP addresses).

Subscription was therefore set at £120.00 plus VAT (£144.00 incl.)

ACTION: David to send out invoices and his 5 year projection.

The meeting was then called to an end.