Minutes of 10th AGM Sunday 2nd November 2008

Mad Hatter Hotel, Waterloo 2:00pm


Joanna (Dfuse)


Others (probably)

Minutes from Previous Meeting and Matters Arising

The rationalisation of the "Hatters' scripts" has only been partially achieved. (Carried over from 2007)

ACTION: Stuart to continue this noble task...

Jonathan to review Guidebooks and produce a Guidebook for Spamassassin by some time in 2008. (Actually, he did this back in Oct 2007! Doh!)

ACTION: Jonathan still has a couple of months to do this...

Agenda Items

1. Secondary MX and Anti-Spam

Some members have had problems this year with legitimate mail being bounced. Having changed Edith to be a "fake" secondary earlier in the year, it was felt that this may have produced problems with some sending mail servers.

ACTION: It was decided that we should configure Edith (the secondary MX) to be a "normal" secondary, preferably with anti-spam filtering. Discussion as to how best to do this should take place on the mailing list.

2. SCSI card sale

Jonathan pointed out that we should get round to selling the SCSI card that we failed to install several years ago. Peter said he has the hardware so this can be done.

ACTION: Jonathan to organise the selling of the SCSI card on eBay for charity in the normal way.

3. RAID failure notifications

Jonathan wondered if we would be able to know if our RAID array had broken, given the fact that we now have hardware, and not software, RAID on the current Alice server. Stuart pointed out on the mailing list later that mpt-status should mail root when there is a problem.

4. Low software versions on Alice

Steve pointed out that we have some rather low software versions with the current Debian installation. This may lead to a return of the "version ceiling" issue that became one of the factors causing us to move from RedHat to Debian. Should we look at upgrading from Etch to Lenny? Stuart remarked later on the mailing list that we should consider upgrading once Lenny goes stable some time in November (TBA).

ACTION: We should upgrade to Debian Lenny as soon as it is safe to do so.

5. Members' Subscription for 2009

We discussed whether we may already have enough in the Development Fund to cover future hardware upgrades as well as to cover replacements of items such as broken disks (the role of the Emergency Fund set up several year ago). We felt that this was in fact the case, so we could usefully contribute the Emergency Fund to the subscription this year.

This would make the subscription for 2009 a total of £45.00 + 17.5% VAT, assuming we have no notifications of members leaving.

(Note that as of the Rules change voted last year, we were quorate at the meeting)

ACTION: Peter to send out invoices.

The meeting was then called to an end.