Minutes of 19th AGM - Sunday 1st October 2017

Mad Hatter Hotel, Waterloo 2:00pm


David, Stuart, Steve, Jonathan, Andy G

Minutes from Previous Meeting and Matters Arising

1. Mailbox formats

Lorina's mail box configuration may not be optimal, and some users may hit system limits. Stuart and Steve suggested a way of migrating to a better version while not causing disruption.

ACTION: Stuart and Steve to look into the issue of mailbox format migration.

Agenda Items

1. OS/hardware upgrades

With Ubuntu 14.04 nearing end of life in Q1 2019, we don't want to leave it too late to upgrade (PHP on Alice is already lagging behind by a major version). We also noted that our current CPU and RAM spec will most probably be adequate beyond the point at which it depreciates to zero in two years time. We thought it best not to wait for the release of Ubuntu 18.04 as it may not be mature enough to move to immediately, and a large jump might cause software issues (as it did with Apache and mail configs when we skipped over a release last time). The target version should therefore be 16.04. We also currently have enough disk space on the host to do this.

ACTION: JBB to start preparations for upgrading Lorina as soon as possible, then Alice at a later date.

2. Disk space

We are running pretty low on space for Lorina. While we don't have the ability to get more hardware disk space at least this year, we do have the ability to grow the existing disks into existing unused space.

ACTION: JBB to grow Lorina's disks again.

3. Host rebooting issues

We have become unable reliably to reboot the host remotely via Jump's terminal server as of earlier this year, despite JBB visiting Telehouse to try to work it out. We are therefore running a rather old version of the Proxmox kernel. Stuart volunteered to have a look.

ACTION: Stuart and JBB to arrange a site visit to Jump.

4. Subscription

David noted that Jump have been revising their pricing structure. While not necessarily giving us any trouble immediately, this may mean we should be careful to have sufficient buffer to counter increases next year while staying on track to renew hardware when needed. We therefore decided to raise the subscription accordingly.

Subscription was increased to £150.00 plus VAT (£180.00 incl.)

The meeting when then brought to an end.