Minutes of 11th AGM Sunday 18th October 2009

Mad Hatter Hotel, Waterloo 2:00pm







Minutes from Previous Meeting and Matters Arising

1. The rationalisation of the "Hatters' scripts" has only been partially achieved. (Carried over from 2007)

ACTION: Jonathan to look into whether all the scripts are in fact necessary now that we're on Debian, and have another attempt at rationalising them against the Guidebooks.

2. The SCSI card (spare after failed installed in old Edith several years ago) to be sold on eBay.

ACTION: Jonathan to chase Peter on this. A few months ago Peter said he had the card in his possession.

3. Secondary MX and Anti-Spam

Last year it was decided that we should configure Edith (the secondary MX) to be a "normal" secondary, preferably with anti-spam filtering.

ACTION: Jonathan to initiate discussion on the mailing list as to whether and if we should do this.

Agenda Items

1. PhpMyadmin

Steve said that as of several months ago, PhpMyadmin seems to have broken, possibly as a result of Debian package-related update.

ACTION: Jonathan to look into this.

2. Position of Treasurer

With Peter Hawkins bowing out at the end of this Hatters Year (2010), we will need to fill the vacancy of treasurer by then. However, it was felt that we needed more information on what the actual role entails. Jonathan pointed out that the rules (II. 1) state: "The Club shall elect officers by simple majority vote. Votes must be cast by key-signed email over a period of seven days. All members must either cast their vote or explicitly abstain by midnight British time of the final day of voting. Failure by any member to do so invalidates the election and it must be held again."

ACTION: Peter to list (if he hasn't already done so) the tasks of treasurer. Jonathan to arrange for nominations for the position, together with a vote on the mailing list.

3. New Members

It was felt that prior to looking to any new members, we should put together a list of advantages of joining, as it was felt the Hatters' proposition is not immediately obvious. This proposition should be created as page on the Hatters site (with suitable SEO!) so that LUG, Facebook, Usenet members could be sent there. This to include some information about available bandwidth, which we are currently somewhat vague about. David suggested we create an application form that could post to the mailing list (assuming spam could be kept to a minimum).

ACTION: Jonathan to add a wiki page on which we shall collaboratively work on a "proposition" for new members. Jonathan to ask L&C what the situation on bandwidth is. All existing members are encouraged to look for new members meanwhile.

4. New Member Subscriptions and the Rules

It was noted that as of the previous AGM, we will not be applying any complex formula to new membership fees. New members pay the same subscription as anyone else. This means that the Rules (I. 15) "... replacement members will be required to make a payment in respect of ownership of any hardware as well as the appropriate yearly or part yearly subscription need to be amended accordingly." need to be amended.

ACTION: Jonathan to review the Rules for currency, and if necessary initiate 2/3 votes to bring any clauses up to date.

5. Trusted Binaries

David asked whether we should update the "trusted binaries" CD in Alice. It was felt that was a good idea, and Jonathan said that he thought L&C might be able to insert it if we sent it to them in the post.

ACTION: Jonathan to create Debian trusted binaries CD for replacement.

6. Hosting

Michael wondered whether we should be thinking of moving to another hosting arrangement, for example more like Bytemark (virtual hosts) rather than Bytesmith (AKA L&C, physical co-location), since issues of hardware might then not be a problem for us.

ACTION: It was agreed to put this issue on the back burner for now, but it's worth exploring the pros and cons over time.

7. Members' Subscription for 2010

We were not quorate for the vote on this, but all present had no objection to accepting the treasurer's recommendation of £85.00 pus VAT (£97.75 incl.) See also Peter's email on this subject on the mailing list (9th Oct 2009, "Re: AGM Date 18th October?"). It was proposed that in a situation where the meeting is not quorate to make a decision, we should consider the decision binding unless any other members contest it.

ACTION: Peter to send out invoices unless any member dissents within 14 days of these minutes being posted.

The meeting was then called to an end.