Minutes of 20th AGM - Sunday 7th October 2018

Mad Hatter Hotel, Waterloo 2:00pm


David, Stuart, Jonathan, Richard

Minutes from Previous Meeting and Matters Arising

1. Mailbox formats

JBB tried an offline test migration a few months ago using some 3rd party scripts a few months ago. That went OK but it does imply some down time. Stuart warned that we'd probably need to create a new partition with more than the default number of inodes to handle lots of small files.

ACTION: JBB to do a test run on a Proxmox VM using a large mail box to see what the likely downtime and issues would be before trying it for real on Lorina on a new partition.

2. Host rebooting and Proxmox upgrading issues

We have performed this in the past, so apart from about half a day's downtime it should be simple enough to do. We do need to address the reboot issue though. Stuart has some holidays free...

ACTION: Stuart to make the trip to Telehouse on the 25th October. JBB to organise his access with Jump.

Agenda Items

1. Using docker

Steve has proposed use of Docker in the past, and there was some discussion of the pros and cons. We thought that as any member is free to run Docker instances if they want to, we would wait to see whether a formal move to containers for all members arose.

ACTION: Steve to make a more detailed case for it on the list.

2. Subscription

David presented the accounts which he had distributed on the mailing list earlier. He recommended the subscription be held the same as last year at £150 + VAT (£180.00 incl.) which was agreed.


1. Status of hardware and infrastructure

We decided to keep the hardware for the foreseeable future because we don't see a need to upgrade. CPU and RAM use is not a problem and we have 64G out of 317G free on the host. A mailbox upgrade will free up more space on Lorina as well.

David also pointed out that Jump have increased our bandwidth allowance to 30Mbits/s. Our current average is 55Kbytes/s (so approx. 0.15% utilised). We also have two IPv4 addresses unused as part of our Jump subscription (one reserved for OS upgrades).

The meeting when then brought to an end.