Minutes of 18th AGM - Sunday 18th September 2016

Mad Hatter Hotel, Waterloo 2:00pm


Richard, David, Stuart, Steve, Jonathan, Andy

Minutes from Previous Meeting and Matters Arising


Agenda Items

1. Upgrades

We are running Ubuntu Server 14.04.5 LTS which reaches end of life early 2019. So we have a good deal of time to consider upgrading that yet. However, we know from experience that some software versions can start to age (notably PHP), so we will monitor that.

Our hardware similarly has about three years to run until it needs renewing (but see disk space discussion later in the meeting).

2. Members' Subscription for 2017

David reported the finances to be in good order, and while we may be facing some slight cost increases next year (notably Jump charging more for power and IPv4 addresses) these are not large. He therefore recommended holding the price to be the same as last year.

Subscription was therefore set at £120 + VAT (£144 incl)


1. Disk Space

We noted that we are running out of space for mail boxes on Lorina and could do with growing the relevant partition.

We also noted that while we have in theory enough disk space on the Proxmox host to perform necessary OS upgrades with, we might consider buying new disks in the meantime before machine upgrade. David confirmed our finances might support that.

ACTION: JBB to grow the affected disk from 20Gb to 30Gb and initiate discussion on the list about upgrading disks.

2. Mailbox Formats

Steve noted that one of his users seemed to have hit a mailbox size limit of 5Gb and may also be seeing timeouts because of this. We discussed the possibility of converting mail boxes on Lorina to a more efficient format.

ACTION: Stuart to look at what would be necessary to do this.

3. Email Signing

JBB set up DKIM mail signing on Lorina (and Alice) for hatters.org.uk and various other domains earlier in the year. This may be useful for other members.

ACTION: JBB to add DKIM setup to the Guidebooks.

4. Bandwidth Monitors

Stuart pointed out that while we have bandwidth monitors for Alice and Edith on the Hatters website, we should have them for Lorina and Tor as well.

ACTION: JBB to set up those monitors.

5. Alan Truelove

JBB recalled that he had removed Alan's account last year following him leaving, but since his return will need to reinstate him on the mailing list.

ACTION: JBB to do this once he's confident of Alan's current email address.

Meeting was then brought to an end.