Minutes of 12th AGM Sunday 19th September 2010

Mad Hatter Hotel, Waterloo 2:00pm


Michael, Jonathan, Steve, David


Apologies: Andy, Richard


Jahingo, Dfuse

Minutes from Previous Meeting and Matters Arising

1. The rationalisation of the "Hatters' scripts" has only been partially achieved.

Jonathan failed to rationalise these as agreed, so the matter is carried over. Steve suggested we try hard-linking the old names to the new ones so that at least everyone is using the same scripts, even if their names may be different.

ACTION: Steve to investigate this time.

2. Secondary MX and anti-spam

While some discussion did take place on the list about reverting Edith to a real secondary, nothing was done and we are still running Fakehermes.

ACTION: Jonathan to configure Edith to be a real secondary, preferably with spam filtering so as not to hammer Alice.

3. PhpMyadmin is not working

While both Jonathan and Steve tried to resurrect PhpMyadmin, they both failed. Jonathan suggested it may be because of our labyrinthine Apache configs. Steve suggested we adopt Debian's preferred method of configuring Apache, which may streamline things and possibly solve the problem.

ACTION: Jonathan to look into re-configuring our Apache configs accordingly.

4. New members

While Jonathan created a wiki page for a new members proposition, and Steve tried a draft of this, we have not put this out publicly.

ACTION: Jonathan to remove the link to Crosswired from the home page and replace it with the "advert" together with a submission form for prospective members to post to the list.

5. Jonathan to review the Rules for currency.

In the light of Jonathan's review, the following updates to the rules were proposed (pending voting on the list):

see log here

Agenda Items

1. SSL certificates

It was decided to renew the certificate for tradeline.org.uk and update the registration details for the domain if possible. David would like to use traderoute.org.uk for his own ends.

ACTION: Jonathan and David to arrange this.

2. Protection against malicious files

Steve raised the issue of the PHP rootkit that was uploaded via a Jahingo account some months ago. Are all members who have PHP turned on in their web configs using the PHP open_basedir directive? If not, they must do to prevent danger to other members' sites.

ACTION: Jonathan to check that open_basedir is in createweb.sh, and to check that it's deployed in our web configs as well if possible.

4. The Tor server and abuse

Steve asked if the Tor server might be problem if it gets our mail server blacklisted due to malicious traffic eminating from it. Jonathan pointed out that he changed the Tor server this year to bind to our .155 address and not our main .154 address. The server has also always been configured to only exit traffic on web and IRC ports only, so sending email from it is impossible. See http://tinyurl.com/37hftf8

5. Members' Subscription for 2011

As last year, we were not quorate for the vote on this, but all present had no objection to accepting the treasurer's recommendation of £95.00 pus VAT (£111.63 incl.) It was proposed that in a situation where the meeting is not quorate to make a decision, we should consider the decision binding unless any other members contest it.

The meeting was then called to an end.