Minutes of 21st AGM - Sunday 6th October 2019

Mad Hatter Hotel, Waterloo 2:00pm


David, Stuart, Jonathan, Steve


Richard, Andy G

Minutes from Previous Meeting and Matters Arising


Agenda Items

1. Subscription

The subscription was held at the same rate as last year: £150 + VAT (£180.00 incl.). We don't need a new server yet, and with an end of year balance of £1,202 we have enough to cover any replacement parts in the meantime.


1. OS upgrades

We noted that our version of Proxmox (5.4) will be supported until at least June 2022 as it's based on Debian oldstable. Lorina and Violet are on Ubuntu 16.04 which is supported until April 2021 (and we are unlikely to suffer from any "version rot" before then). Alice is on 18.04.

2. Host rebooting

We need to reboot the host as it's running quite an old kernel (current uptime 296 days). In theory we can do that remotely now using the serial connection after Stuart fixed it last year, but it may be best to test that in Telehouse first.

ACTION: Jonathan to volunteer to go to Telehouse for this.

3. VAT registration

Currently, we charge VAT on subscriptions and can reclaim VAT on purchases. If we were to de-register for VAT, we wouldn't be able to reclaim it on purchases, so might have to increase the subscription to compensate - but of course there would now be no VAT charged on that, so the gross subscription would almost certainly be the same.

ACTION: David to investigate the economics of being registered for VAT or not.

The meeting when then brought to an end.